What is English Literature?What is English Literature?

What is English Literature?
English Literature means literature written in the English language. The authors are not necessarily from England, but they may be from all over the world. The most famous writers in history are: James Joyce (Ireland), William Shakespeare (England), Mark Twain (United States), Arthur Conan Doyle (Scotland), Dylan Thomas (Wales) and Vladimir Nabokov (Russia). Some names.

English literature is more than five centuries old. Not only does it represent writers from different parts of the world and from different time periods, it also includes each major style and style of writing.

Why is the study of English literature important?
Okay, so in today’s wired, 500-channel cable television world there are almost a thousand jobs for teenagers or even 50-year-olds. We can watch feature films on our phones or drive hundreds of miles in a few hours sitting in a car. Things are not the same as before. People read literature for fun just because 50 years ago, there weren’t so many readily available options for entertainment.

Despite these other options for entertainment, English literature remained popular. It is time-tested and wears well for a reason. English literature deals with universal themes and values ​​that help us grow in our daily lives. It also teaches us about different times and distant places.

History of English Literature
It is difficult to cover such an extensive work in a short text, so let us look at the first three major periods in English literature.

Middle English Literature (1150-1485)
Some scholars argue that the Middle English period began as early as the 1100s. However, since the English language did not develop into the dialect we can understand today until the 12th century, 1150 looks like a good place to start.

The most popular and influential writer of this period was Jeffrey Chaucer. He is considered to be the first great English poet. His works include different tones, styles and genres. One of his most famous works, The Canterbury Tales, is a legend of travelers playing with each other in a storytelling competition. The story of each traveler also contains a myth. This poem was created as a frame narrative or ‘story within story:’ literary tool, which has become one of the most popular storytelling methods in literary history.

By the middle of the 12th century, there was a renaissance in parody poetry, or poetry using alteration as its main literary tool. Perhaps the most popular example is pearls, purity and patience, a group of poems written by an unknown poet. The fourth task

 But with such a wide range of learning areas, prospective students are often confused about what a degree in English Literature offers. This document explains what the English Literature degree looks like, and what doors it might open for graduates.

Common uses of English Literature degrees include being a writer, researcher, or teacher. However, there are many other ways to use the English Literature degree. Some students use it as a stepping stone to a certain level in the Act, or in the current era, others will use it to launch a path in the world of digital marketing. Whichever route you take, this distance can open the doors to many more effective career options.

What is English Literature in its Very Core?
English Literature refers to the reading of texts from around the world, written in the English language. By studying degrees in English Literature, you will learn to analyze a wide range of texts and write clearly using a few different styles. Often, books refer to a variety of texts, including novels, myths, poems, and plays, among others. However, books are a controversial term, as new forms of communication provide a wide variety of modern literature.

Texts are often described as writing with appropriate art. However, other types of text such as screen playback, fiction, song names, and online communication through blogs and other means, can now be considered books under the current understanding of the term. English Literature programs at most major US institutions will read a lot of traditional texts. Great English Literature will explore texts that include poetry, drama, and prose, perhaps summarizing the genres that are most competitive in their chosen style.

Why Study English Books?
Reading English Texts in the USA will give you a better understanding of the world around you. The degree in Literature provides transferable skills that teach you how to break down and analyze to provide valuable insights in all areas. As an international student, reading English Books shows the employer that he or she has a good understanding of the English language and has a good knowledge of English.

There are several different types of book works as graduates. You can also take degree courses and become a teacher, lecturer, or journalist, in the usual contrast of English graduate students including business, law, and education. Or you could use your analytical skills to engage in unexpected activities such as marketing, advertising, or whatever else you plan to become accustomed to. There are also obvious positions available in the publishing industry, from the editor, to the proofreader, to the writing agent. Many fictional writers, including novelists, poets, and screenwriters, among others, began their careers by gaining a deeper understanding of written English before developing their literary skills.

If you want to master the English language well, improve your critical analysis of the world around you, and learn at a level that will give you many opportunities for different careers, English Literature might be right for you.

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