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The Best Bluehost web hosting in 2022

Bluehost is a big name in web hosting, which enables more than two million websites. It does an excellent job of simplifying and minimizing the process of setting up a website for beginners, especially if you want to use WordPress. All plans include a free first-year domain, excellent time (based on real-life data), a free CDN, a drag-and-drop website builder, and a free SSL certificate. You get everything you need in one place, but one question remains. Is it ready for your next website? Keep reading to find out.

Bluehost Compared With Excellent Web Hosting Services

After two weeks of rigorous testing, which includes registration, website building, speaking and customer support, and 30 days of time testing and speed testing, Bluehost ranks # 5 in our list of the top eight web hosting providers. While some strangers are more successful than Bluehost, it is still a great choice and our top choice if you are looking for a free WordPress download site for free beginners.

If that is not what you care about, it might be a better option. See all of our top options to check out in-depth reviews of the research team that used the products, our scoring strategy, and which one is best depending on what you need.

Bluehost: Good and Bad

Every web hosting service has its flaws, even the most special. Here’s an in-depth look at Bluehost’s top and bottom features.

Great Security: Bluehost has one of the best security measures on the market. All Bluehost security features are working and will help you reduce the hours you set up for your website. It will also give you peace of mind, which is essential for perfect beginners.

All Bluehost plans come with app protection, and CodeGuard Backup Basic can be added for an additional $ 2.99 per month. CodeGuard will assist you with daily backups and monitoring while notifying you of any changes.

The basic version of this security feature comes with 1GB of storage space, daily backup copy and monitoring, and three monthly updates. However, with more expensive programs like Choice Plus and Pro, you can expect free automatic backups for one year and 24/7 network monitoring.

Extensive and Fast Customer Support: One of Bluehost’s best features is its comprehensive and fast customer support base. Customer support is very important for any web hosting service to have, but finding a service with fast and efficient support can be a dime of twelve.

Fortunately, Bluehost offers just that, and many users have said customer support is very helpful when they need immediate support. In fact, there is a good chance that you will connect to the Bluehost Live Chat program within five minutes of waiting.

All of its support bases is available 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about finding time zones. Bluehost also offers phone and email support, but waiting times vary. However, you always have the option to pass the time by browsing its extensive knowledge support forum for more FAQs, videos, in-depth articles, and support services on all web-related content.

Easy to Use: Bluehost is not only the most popular web hosting service on the market with its outstanding features and products but also because it is so easy to use. Ease of use is an important factor to have because web hosting can confuse some, so there is no need for the riding process to be complicated, either.

Fear not, though, as Bluehost has a simple climbing process that takes a few minutes to complete, making your website work. With a visual interface, we will ask you to fill out a form that covers the terms of your website, what you want to add to your site, and what you want your site name and tagline to be.

After answering these questions, you get to choose the theme of your choice in the Bluehost Marketplace, and then automatically install WordPress for your convenience. All you have to worry about is customization, while Bluehost takes care of the backend and technical nitty-gritty.

High-Performance Servers: The last good thing about Bluehost is that it provides very efficient servers to all users who purchase the Pro program. Although it would always be best for every user to pay extra, we think you get what you pay for. For $ 14.95 a month, you get access to Dual Quad Processing Servers that will keep large eCommerce websites running smoothly.

This server is an excellent alternative to large websites because Bluehost ensures that there are fewer users per server — with a single file value of 300,000 — so there is no decrease for anyone involved.

However, if you do not want to pay the price for these servers, we still think that regular Bluehost servers that come with other programs are good and efficient.

No Free Site Migration: Now here’s where the negative starts. Currently, Bluehost does not offer free site migration, which can be a problem for users transferring from a different web hosting service.

You can expect to pay $ 149.99 for Bluehost to migrate to five websites and 20 email accounts. Although this service comes with 24/7 support, a complete update, and uninterrupted upgrades, it is still very expensive for most users — especially when many other web hosting services will transfer your website for free.

Also bad is that this migration service does not include reseller, VPS, or dedicated server accounts, and does not include domain registration.

No Guaranteed Time: Unlike many web hosting services, Bluehost does not guarantee downtime in any of its programs. This is because leisure time can be dangerous for website owners, as you may lose potential customers if your website encounters this.

Bluehost Pricing 

Shared Hosting Plan 

The shared hosting plan offers the most flexibility and is most popular with Bluehost users. The thing about Bluehost pricing is that it’s much cheaper on a 36-month plan, instead of a 12-month plan, so let’s compare these two. This plan has four pricing options, including:

  • Basic: $4.95/month on a 12-month term; $2.95/month on a 36-month term
  • Plus: $7.45/month on a 12-month term; $5.45/month on a 36-month term
  • Choice Plus: $7.45/month on a 12-month term; $5.45/month on a 36-month term
  • Pro: $18.95/month on a 12-month term; $13.95/month on a 36-month term

As you can see, the pricing for 36-month terms is much cheaper than 12-month terms. Bluehost also offers a 24-month term, but that’s only a tad cheaper than the 12-month option.

With that said, all pricing plans include a free domain for one year, free CDN, free SSL certificate, custom themes, and 24/7 support.

The Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro plans have unlimited websites, unlimited SSD storage, and free Office 365 for 30 days.

Managed WordPress Plan

  • Build: $9.95/month
  • Grow:$14.95/month
  • Scale: $27.95/month